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Organisational Conflict Management

The most important thing about conflict is to learn how to manage or resolve it in a constructive way. A critical step in resolving conflict is developing an understanding of shared goals. Openness to compromise solutions enables mutual benefits. In this course, you will learn about effective conflict management strategies, encompassing communication, facilitation and negotiation skills, and how to deal with interpersonal conflicts at the workplace. Learn more

Research Methods

As researchers are expected to communicate their research process and findings succinctly, this course is designed to introduce students to postgraduate research, methodologies, challenges and its organisation, including creative practice. Students will be well equipped with the research tools they need to plan, organise their research and communicate their findings. Learn more

Customer Service Mastery

Do you want your customers to feel highly valued and satisfied with your service? Are you looking to build a long-term relationship with your customers? This customer service course takes you through the critical aspects of customer service, helps you to appreciate what makes or breaks an excellent customer service and provides you with tips on how to deal with every-day interactions and challenges.


Learn more

Track Your & Team's Progress

The Flowers Online Learning portal enables tracking either your individual or team's progress in real time. With the capability to record comprehensive individual/Team's learning metrics, management is able to monitor progress and direct focus to where it is most needed. This enables progress analysis of staff within company-wide Continuing Professional Development scheme.

International Relations

Take this course to gain insights into the fundamental principles of international relations, how to examine the theories of realism, liberalism and constructivism as they are understood in world politics. We will also explore issues that relate to the politics of conflict, diplomacy, environmental concerns, human rights, and examine the role of Africa in international relations. Learn more

Creative Writing & Authorpreneurship

How many books have you stopped half-way reading simply because you'd thought you could write better than the author? It's about time you quit talking and begin doing! Bundle your knowledge, interests, expertise, skills, motivational speaking, and all the good stuffs you're good at into a book for your readers in-wait.

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