Research Methods

Published Apr 13, 2020 by online-admin for Flowers Online

Increasingly, university academics, organisations, research institutes and companies are called upon to contribute to cross-disciplinary research proposals and projects, and to assess projects from other disciplines. As a result, in the current research climate there is a constant need for researchers to communicate the process and presentation of their research findings succinctly. This course is thus, designed to instruct postgraduate (as well as undergraduate students doing research) students in how to conduct research and publish their research findings.  The course is also designed to assist them in defining their mode of enquiry and to guide students through a range of issues and considerations which should inform their general approach to research. It will give students a general introduction to postgraduate research, its methodologies, its challenges and its organisation, including in creative practice. Students will be introduced to a range of research tools and will be well equipped to plan and organise their research, as well as to communicate their findings.

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